Today is the 4th day of this civil protest against an oppressive policy of the Federal government.
I want to thank you fellow Nigerians for making it peaceful even in the face of provocation. Remember our words to you: NO REVENGE, NO REPRISALS, NO RAGE & NO VIOLENCE.

There is some lying propaganda flying around. Let’s debunk them and make our demands plain once again:

          • 1. The Rally at Ojota Park is sponsored by Politicians:Neither the labour union nor TUC is behind the Ojota Rally. Not to talk of any politician or political party. The same patriotic spirit that led SNG to march the streets of Abuja to Lagos when Jonathan was being prevented from performing the constitutional duty of an Acting President has motivated the SNG and its allies to put this peaceful rally together. We did not collect money from Jonathan then and we are not being sponsored by any politician now.Today, the world is the victim of PROPAGANDA because of people who are not intellectually competent. More than anything, Nigeria needs effective citizens competent to do their own thinking.Let me make it clear: THIS RALLY AT THE GANI FAWEHINMI FREEDOM SQUARE IS A CIVIL PROTEST ORGANIZED BY THE SAVE NIGERIA GROUP AND ITS ALLIES. THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL CAMPAIGN RALLY. NO CITIZEN HAS BEEN PAID TO COME. THEY HAVE COME ON THEIR OWN, SOME WALKING SEVERAL MILES EVERY DAY TO GET HERE. DID WE PAY YOU? NO MUSICIAN, ARTIST, OR NOLLYWOOD STAR HAS BEEN PAID – THEY CAME VOLUNTARILY TO ADD THEIR VOICE AGAINST AN OPPRESSIVE POLICY OF THE GOVERNMENT.
          • 2. Some allege that we have been cursing the president and We are personalising the issues.I WILL RESPOND WITH 3 QUOTES:1.      FROM THE GOOD BOOK: Proverbs 26:2 – ‘Curse causeless will not come.’ It does not matter who curses anyone, the curse will not work if it is not deserved. Also, Proverbs 3:33 – ‘The curse of the Lord is in the house of the wicked.’
            2.      WILLIAM E. GLADSTONE: ‘Selfishness is the greatest curse of the human race. No one needs to curse a selfish leader or person – selfishness carries its own curse.’
            3.      JOSEPH ADDISON: ‘Is there not some chosen curse, some hidden thunder in the storms of heaven, red with uncommon wrath to blast the man who OWES HIS GREATNESS TO HIS COUNTRY’S RUIN?’ DEFINITELY, THERE IS.Let me round up my address with this thought:MANY ARE DESTINED TO REASON WRONGLY. OTHERS NOT TO REASON AT ALL AND SOME OTHERS TO PERSECUTE THOSE WHO REASON.1.      NLC & TUC are in charge of the strike.
            2.      SNG, its allies, and the people of Nigeria are responsible for the mass civil protest in Ojota here and other places in Nigeria.
            3.      We expect that both NLC & TUC will maintain their stand of N65.00 or nothing.
            4.      If NLC & TUC change their stand and call off the strike, and people return to work without achieving their objective of N65.00 or nothing, just know that there are more people without jobs who belong to no union who will continue with the protest.
            Let me refer you to a quote from the back page of THISDAY (Thursday, December 22, 2011):
            ‘Until this government downsizes, cuts down its profligacy and leads by example in modesty and moderation, the poor people of this country will not subsidize the excesses of the oil sector fat cats and the immorality of the self-centred and indulgent lifestyles of those in government.’


We will continue and sustain the protest until the government sees reason to revert to N65.00.