Being text of a speech delivered by Pastor ‘Tunde Bakare, Serving Overseer of The Latter Rain Assembly, at the church auditorium on Sunday, the 18th day of December, 2011 Fellow citizens of a potentially great country being daily dehumanised by leaders who hate us, I am here this morning in the normal course of duty,.. read more →

Being Text of Speech delivered live on A.I.T at the Latterrain Assembly, Lagos, Nigeria – Sunday, January 2nd, 2011. Fellow citizens of our great country, With a heavy heart and great trepidation, I stand before you this first Sunday of the year 2011 bringing you a message of hope in our seemingly hopeless situation. In.. read more →

Being Text of a speech delivered at the annual general meeting of The Association of Resident Doctors, Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria – Wednesday, December 1, 2010. Protocols I am most privileged and honoured to be here today as part of your Annual General Meeting with the all-important theme of our time: “Towards.. read more →

Being Text of a Press Conference by the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) on the Political imbroglio in Ogun State on Wednesday, 22nd September, 2010. Gentlemen of the Press, On September 6, 2010, news emanated from Ogun State about the dawn “sitting” of 9 members out of the 26-member Ogun State House of Assembly, sacking the.. read more →

Being the text of an Address delivered by Pastor ‘Tunde Bakare at the Latter Rain Assembly on Sunday, August 15, 2010. Saints and strangers, Gentlemen of the Press. It gives me great pleasure once again to stand before you and sound the alarm as we have always done when we foresee danger. It was Thomas.. read more →

Being welcome address delivered by the convener: Pastor Tunde Bakare at The International Conference Center, Abuja on Monday 31st May, 2010. Protocols I welcome all patriots who are gathered here today in search of solutions to the thorniest issue of our time – the urgent need for free, fair and credible elections. Our country Nigeria.. read more →

The State of the Nation Broadcast, Sunday 28th February, 2010. Fellow citizens of our great country, those within our borders and those in Diaspora, it has become necessary for us at this critical juncture of our national life to bring a timely word to our people as we by God’s grace make sense of the.. read more →